Ardbeg 5 Wee Beastie Single Malt Whisky 700mL


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Tasting Notes:


Bright, fresh herbal notes, with creeping hints of vanilla and pear. Rich Turkish coffee mingles with sappy pine resin, with honey-glazed ham lurking in the background. Beguiling scents of aniseed, green apple and leather. A sharp tang of smoke and a crack of fresh black pepper.


A rich explosive mouthfeel bursts forth with chocolate, creosote and tar. A powerful blast of eucalyptus thrashes about with antiseptic lozenges and aniseed. The raw, smoky intensity gathers pace before smoked bacon and savoury meats sink into the palate.


The long, salty mouthcoating finish retreats, with hints of cocoa and fudge slinking slowly away.

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