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7 Best Valentine’s Treat for Wine Lovers

January 31, 2023 | Flasked PH

7 Best Valentine’s Treat for Wine Lovers With Valentine's Day around the corner, gifts for wine lovers should definitely be on your radar. And liquor stores like Flasked are ready to make sure you don't come up short in the gift department. After all, there's nothing better than showing your love and appreciation for them than a gift for drinkers.

The best gifts for drinkers you should get this Valentine’s Day

So what are you waiting for? Check out these five ideal gifts for drinkers you can get this Valentine’s Day.

1. Unique wine glasses

gifts for drinkers

Skip the usual apparel and give them a collection of unique wine glasses. This will bring out the flavor in any bottle! From crystal cut goblets to sculpted stems, finding just the right glass is easier than ever before. And if they don't love them, at least they’ll appreciate your ingenuity!

2. Corkscrew necklace made from sterling silver 

gifts for drinkers

Why not get your special someone a sterling silver corkscrew necklace? Not only is it unique and stylish, but it comes in handy too. This is perfect for those intimate nights with your partner and a bottle of wine. It's a gift that says "I love you" while also being practical and fun. Plus, they won't have to worry about trying to find a corkscrew ever again; it'll be right around their neck!

3. Crystal Wine Decanter

gifts for drinkers

A Crystal Wine Decanter is sure to be an impressive and powerful presence. This will definitely show just how much you care this V-Day. They'll be grateful for not having to worry about nodding off after drinking a whole bottle of red. 

4. Wine coasters

gifts for drinkers

Wine coasters are an elegant way to protect and add an extra bit of sophistication to the home bar. Plus, this will make the visitors smile every time they pour themselves a glass. With these little tokens of love, your special someone won’t have to worry about drippy glasses ruining special moments.

5. Heavyweight Champagne Stopper gift for drinkers

gifts for drinkers

A Heavyweight Champagne Stopper is just what they need to keep their bottles of bubbly fresh. First, it looks great on display on their kitchen counter. Second, they'll also think of you every time they twist off the stopper!

6. Wine bottle insulator 

gifts for drinkers

A wine bottle insulator is sure to provide the perfect excuse to flip through some alcohol stores. With this, your loved one will be happy to open their new bottle cooler. Aside from that, they'll also love that you put much thought into finding the perfect present! 

7. Wine tumbler

gifts for drinkers

A Wine Tumbler is another perfect gift for a loved one this Valentine's Day! After all, what could be more romantic than giving a present that symbolizes being able to enjoy 'wine o'clock' anywhere? Plus, this delightful tumbler keeps the red or white at the desired temperature. And, they'll look so sophisticated while sipping on their favorite vinos. 

Flasked’s special gifts for drinkers

gifts for wine lovers

Flasked Ph has really made it easy for those who love booze to show their appreciation for the little pleasures in life. Whether you’re a fan of champagne or prefer something more down-to-earth like a delicious red wine—Flasked has covered all bases! The choices for alcohol distributors are just unlimited.
Get the best gifts for drinkers here

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