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8 Most Popular Types of Champagne You Should Know

February 2, 2023 | Flasked PH

8 Most Popular Types of Champagne You Should Know

When you think of celebrating good times, champagne comes to mind quickly. After all, what says “Congratulations” better than a glass of some bubbly alcoholic beverages? But did you know there are actually eight most popular types of champagne to choose from?

The different types of champagne you should know

So read on to spot their differences before you check out from your favorite liquor store

1. Blanc de Blancs Champagne

types of champagne

Blanc de Blancs Champagne is a sparkling example of the age-old French art of turning grapes into pure gold. This light, golden nectar offers a deliciously dry and fruity flavor with aromas of fresh white flowers, apples, and minerals. It's the perfect way to start any celebration. 

2. Brut Champagne

types of champagne

Brut Champagne is often seen as a luxury drink of choice for special occasions. What’s more, Brut can go easily with exclusive occasions, paired with good foods, or enjoyed as is. On big-ticket celebrations or a casual evening with friends, there are several affordable bottles of Brut to share.

3. Vintage Types of Champagne 

types of champagne

Vintage Champagne is the crème de la crème of sparkling wines. It's a bottle of bubbly liquid gold that stands out from the crowd. It's sophisticated and established, but also forward-thinking. While prices can put a dent in your wallet, few amounts are too much to pay for Premium Vintage Champagne.

4. Rose Champagne

types of champagne

Rose Champagne is the ideal fancy drink for any occasion. From showing up to a party in style to blurting out 'cheers!' during a close-knit family gathering, this bubbly beverage has you covered. Light years ahead of your ordinary sparkling wine, Rose Champagne lives up to its name and could even make an Auguste Rodin sculpture raise a glass! A splash of glamor and sophistication, no bar cart is complete without it. 

5. Deutz Brut Rose Champagne

types of champagne

Sparkling wine of the Deutz Brut Rose variety is made in the French Champagne region. It is produced using the standard fermentation process, in which the wine goes through a second fermentation in the bottle to create bubbles. The word "Brut" designates a dry wine with a negligible amount of residual sugar. The term "rose" refers to the wine's pink color, which is a result of the addition of some red wine grapes, like Pinot Noir, to the blend. Since 1838, the renowned champagne house Deutz has been making sparkling wines.

6. Pinot Meunier

types of champagne

Pinot Meunier, sometimes referred to as the "sly one" or the "trickster," is a tricky type of Pinot Noir. With its acidic tartness but refined fruity notes, it strikes an excellent balance between delicate and delectable. It's been described as the perfect wine for when one desires something more than light but less than heavy. It’s a great example of how opposites can coexist in harmony!

7. Ice Rose Champagne

types of champagne

The red and white grapes used to make Ice Rose Champagne are typically a combination of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The wine is aged and fermented in the same manner as conventional Champagne, but it is tinted pink or rose due to the addition of red grape juice or skin contact during the fermentation process. Before serving, the wine is then chilled or "iced," giving it a sharp, reviving flavor. It is frequently seen as a more lighthearted and informal Champagne substitute.

8. Chardonnay Grape

types of champagne

The Chardonnay grape is an interesting blend of nuances and flavors - possibly the most complex of all wine grapes. Don't be fooled by its mild exterior, as Chardonnay is prized for its full-bodied flavor. This grape offers a multitude of varieties and plenty of complexity. It’s paired as a buttery white with your favorite seafood dish or a dry. And, it can also be the crisp glass to sip on a warm summer evening.

The Types of Champagne for every occasion

types of champagne

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