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Dying to Party? These 6 Rules Will Help You Throw the Most Lit House Party Ever

March 31, 2023 | Flasked PH

Dying to Party? These 6 Rules Will Help You Throw the Most Lit House Party Ever Summer is just around the corner, which means the time for partying is at an all-time high once again. While spending time at your favorite club is fun, throwing your very own house party alcohol can be just as cool–as long as you prep for it well.

Starting your party planning

In this article, we will teach you how to throw the hippest party in your block by covering the essentials; from house party alcohol to ensuring the safety of your guests. 

1. Curate your guest list 

house party alcohol

One of the beauties of house parties compared to going to clubs is that you have more control over who you have to mingle with. You can either invite a very specific circle of friends or, if you’re feeling a little bit more outgoing, come up with a guest list joining a few of your groups with common denominators. This opens up the chance for people to meet new faces and for you to enjoy the company of everyone in one go. 

2. Pre-game. Pre-game. Pre-game. 

house party alcohol
We’ll say this only once. The quality of your pre-drinks is important in setting up the feel of your party. Set up a pre-game bar to ease your guests and set the mood. A word of advice though, your house party, especially your pre-game drinks is not the right time to invent drinks on the spot. For moments like this, it’s best to stick to your tried and tested mixes to make sure that you won’t be serving anything that tastes like gasoline fuel on the day itself. If you want to tap your inner barista, it’s best to do your experimenting at least a few days before. 
Tip: you can easily order for your house party alcohol and mixing essentials from us here at Flasked Ph. We carry a wide variety of choices that can rival your favorite bar's stock room.


3. Create a party playlist

house party alcohol

If your pre-game drinks set the feel of your party, then the right playlist will build the right mood for the night. You can make your curated playlist or just surf through the countless ones on online streaming platforms if you want to discover new jams.

4. Don’t forget the food 

house party alcohol
Just because you’re planning to get wasted, doesn’t mean that you have to forget the grub. You can prepare easy bar chows that go well with your house party alcohol like sliders, fries, and chips. Also, don’t be embarrassed to invite your guests to pitch in on the food if you want. The more that you have, the better!

5. Have a backup safety plan

house party alcohol
Being the host gives you the responsibility to make sure that everyone stays safe during and after the fun. Have the rule to keep your doors locked during the party and offer to call for rides for your intoxicated friends. You can also assign a designated driver beforehand to ensure everyone’s safety. If you’re throwing a party for a tight-knit group of friends, you can also offer to have them stay overnight.

6. Give options for your house party alcohol 

house party alcohol
Everyone has their favorite poison, so make sure that you offer variety for your house party alcohol. Have a bottle or three of everything if you can from beers, hard liquors, to mixed drinks. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even have non-alcoholic drinks for those who want to stay sober.

Partner up with Flasked

house party alcohol

Want to skip the tedious task of shopping for your house party alcohol and lugging heavy bottles around? Order your alcoholic beverages here at Flasked PH. As one of the leading online liquor stores, we offer a wide variety of choices from hard drinks, beers and brews, and mixing essentials. Just browse our shop and we’ll deliver your booze straight to your doorstep. 

Throw a house party to remember with these tips. Get your favorite drinks now from Flasked Ph by checking out our collections here.

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