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Holiday Liquor Gift Ideas in the Philippines

December 4, 2022 | Flasked PH

Holiday Liquor Gift Ideas in the Philippines

The holidays are in full swing, and everybody is ready to end this year with a bang. With all the celebrations left and right, you might have gotten left behind with your Christmas shopping. But guess what? That’s totally fine, you can get the best liquor gift ideas in the Philippines from Flasked.

In case you’re still cramming for Christmas gift ideas, you should consider gifts that your loved ones would appreciate. If you’re in the market for a gift that’s sophisticated with a touch of fun, you’ll never go wrong with an alcohol present.

Liquor Christmas Gift

What’s great about alcohol presents is that you can choose the variety that suits the recipient best. From the best wine to the best rum in the Philippines, there’s a perfect alcohol present for everyone’s taste (as long as they’re 18 and above, of course).

Here are some alcoholic beverage ideas you should explore buying this season of giving:

1. Yellow Tail Merlot Red Wine

alcohol present

Wine not? If your loved one is a certified wine connoisseur, that person will appreciate receiving Australian Merlot wine this season. Perfect with a juicy steak, veal, or lamb, this wine variety is soft and smooth, with notes of dark plum, mulberries, and subtle spice. A 750ml bottle of this brand is only PHP510, an excellent choice for those with a conservative budget. 

2. Baileys Irish Cream Liquor

alcohol present

A delicious combination of fine whisky and milky flavor, Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur is a budget-friendly alcohol present people with a sweet tooth will surely love. People can drink this over ice, shake it into cocktails, or even make a cake with it. Baileys price in the Philippines is only PHP589, it’s a small price to pay for a whole lot of fun.

3. Johnnie Walker Festive Edition: Black Label

alcohol store

If you’re gifting a person with a penchant for the classics, you won’t regret purchasing a good ol’ bottle of Johnnie Walker Festive Edition: Black Label. A staple among whisky enthusiasts, this special edition gift even comes with two free miniature bottles. Visit our Johnnie Walker collection for other varieties. A total steal for only PHP1,300, it’s a timeless present most people would appreciate. You can even have yours engraved if you want to add a special touch.

4. Glenfiddich 15-Year-Old Whisky

alcohol present


People in love with the finer things in life will delight in receiving single-malt whisky from Glenfiddich. Packed with a little something sweet and spicy, this drink is like Christmas in a bottle. Available for engraving and personal labeling, a bottle of this whisky will set you back at PHP 3,444. 

5. Macallan 18 Double Cask Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

alcohol present

If you want to splurge on a fantastic bottle of Scotch Whisky, you’ll find that Macallan will not disappoint. This decadent beverage has a rich citrus taste that will make the holidays extra special. Available at PHP31,420, you can even have this engraved for a personal touch. 

A Special Flasked Gift

If you want to purchase one or more of these alcohol presents, you will be happy to know they’re available at Flasked. With their very special engraving service that will leave a lasting memory. Our liquor store has a great selection of gift ideas for you this Christmas and beyond.

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