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How to Drink Safely while Having Fun

December 29, 2022 | Flasked PH

How to Drink Safely while Having Fun While there’s nothing wrong with letting loose and enjoying a good drink once in a while, anything in excess can be bad for you. Drunkenness can cause many problems, so you should be vigilant when you’re out and drink safely.
No matter how old or experienced you are, it’s always important to drink safely and legally. You wouldn’t want to get into trouble or cause harm to yourself or others. As an online liquor store that brings the fun to you in Metro Manila, Flasked PH is a big advocate of responsible drinking. 

Rules to Drink Safely

Regardless if you’re out partying or enjoying a cold one at home, Flasked PH recommends following these rules to drink safely.

Eat before and during drinking sessions

drink safely

Before you drink any alcohol, you should ensure that you have food in your system. Why? Alcohol enters your bloodstream through your small intestine and stomach. If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, you’ll feel the effects of alcohol sooner. 
Moreover, you shouldn’t stop eating just because you’re drinking alcohol. Consuming solid food can be helpful to drink safely. However, you should avoid salty drinks, which may make you thirsty. 

Slow it down with non-alcoholic drinks

drink safely

Another way to drink safely is properly pacing through non-alcoholic beverages. You shouldn’t have one cocktail or a shot of tequila one after the other. The amount of alcohol in your blood determines how it will affect you.
To drink safely, you should drink water or another non-alcoholic drink in between every bottle or cocktail. You can also try to take it slow instead of chugging down the next concoction put in front of you. 

Don’t drink and drive

drink safely

If you’re the designated driver or drove to a party or bar, you should avoid drinking as much as possible. While your friends may tease you for being a killjoy, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 
To drink safely, you should instead opt for mocktails or non-alcoholic beverages. If you insist on having a couple of drinks to unwind, it would be best to have someone else you trust to drive you home safely. You may also take a taxi or book a car if you don’t have a sober friend to take care of you. 

Just say no

drink safely

If you’re out having a good time or even if you’re drinking with your friends at someone’s house, it can be tempting to give in when someone hands you a drink. However, if your tolerance level is near its peak, you shouldn’t feel guilty about saying no.
It’s okay to say no and put your foot down if you don’t want to take a shot of Bacardi or have another beer bottle. While you may disappoint some people in the process, you spare yourself from potential problems when you drink safely. 

Ordering to drink safely 

There’s nothing wrong with living your best life with alcohol, but you should be mindful of how much alcohol you take. Following these rules can help you drink safely and avoid nasty consequences in the future. 

drink safely

If you want to drink safely wherever you are in Metro Manila, you should order alcoholic beverages from Flasked PH. Flasked PH is THE alcohol store you can trust when searching for ‘liquor delivery near me.’ 
With over a thousand choices and multiple local and international alcohol distributors in our arsenal, you can expect the best the Philippines and the world have to offer when it comes to alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Explore our offerings today to know more.

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