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The Perfect Combination: Foods You Should Eat With Wine

February 1, 2023 | Flasked PH

The Perfect Combination: Foods You Should Eat With Wine When it comes to matching food with wine, it's essential to find the right combination of flavors and textures. Not only can the wrong pairing leave you unsatisfied and unimpressed, but it can also ruin a perfect bottle of wine. So, what are the ideal pairings when it comes to food and wine? 

10 food-and-wine combos you should try

Wine and food pairing is an art form. There are a variety of dishes that pair perfectly with different types of wines. Some of the best pairings include: 

1. Grilled salmon with a Chardonnay  

food with wine

The smoky taste of the grilled salmon is complemented by the buttery notes of a Chardonnay. The slight acidity of the wine also helps enhance the salmon's flavors. Additionally, the refreshing finish of the Chardonnay ensures that the meal is light and enjoyable. 

2. Steak with a Cabernet Sauvignon 

food with wine

Food with wine is always right with this pair. The robustness of the steak is complemented by the dry, fruity, and tannic characteristics of the Cabernet Sauvignon. The complexity and depth of the Cabernet Sauvignon help bring out the flavors of the steak, allowing for a truly unique culinary experience. 

3. Spicy Thai with a Riesling 

food with wine

Sweet, floral Riesling paired with the fragrant, spicy Thai cuisine creates an elevated experience. The mild acidity of the Riesling provides balance to the complex flavors of the Thai dishes, while its sweetness brings out the subtle nuances in the heat of the spices. Riesling is an ideal choice to pair with the bright, herbal flavors of Thai cuisine, and its refreshing character helps to cool off the spicy heat.

4. Roasted turkey with Merlot  

food with wine

The marinade imparts a hint of sweetness and tartness to the turkey, while the Merlot adds a unique depth of flavor. This food dish with the right wine is perfect for a special occasion or as a savory and satisfying meal any day of the week.

5. Blue cheese and Gewurtztraminer 

food with wine

Gewurtztraminer is a white wine with a light, crisp flavor profile and a pleasant aroma that is both floral and fruity. The wine's sweetness pairs well with the robust flavor of blue cheese, resulting in an exciting and delicious flavor combination. 

6. Mushroom risotto and Pinot Noir food with wineThe earthy flavor of the mushrooms pairs nicely with the bright fruit flavors of the Pinot Noir. The risotto also has a creaminess that goes perfectly with the light tannins of the red wine. When this food with wine is served together, the two create a unique flavor experience that will please any discerning palate.

7. Roasted root vegetables and Sauvignon Blanc

food with wine

Roasting vegetables such as parsnips and carrots bring out their natural sweetness and earthiness, balanced perfectly with the crisp acidity of a dry Sauvignon Blanc. The citrus notes of the wine help to cut through the richness of the vegetables, while the sweetness of the vegetables helps to mellow out the sharpness of the Sauvignon Blanc.

8. Dark chocolate and a Port wine 

food with wine

The sweetness of the port wine is balanced by the semi-bitter flavor of the dark chocolate, creating a unique and complex flavor profile. The port wine’s rich, full-bodied finish complements the dark chocolate’s creamy texture and nutty notes. 

9. Poached pears with a Muscat  

food with wine

Poached pears with a Muscat is a classic and simple dessert that will satisfy your guests. The sweet and delicate flavor of the pears combined with the aromatic notes of the Muscat is a match made in heaven. 

10. Cheese is also a great accompaniment for wine

food with wine

Cheese is an excellent accompaniment for wine, and many experts suggest pairing certain types of cheese with specific wines to achieve the ultimate tasting experience. Popular choices are Brie and Chardonnay, blue cheese and Cabernet Sauvignon, and goat cheese with Sauvignon Blanc.

Choose the right wine for the occasion

food with wine

When in doubt, always trust the locals’ favorite beverage supplier. Flasked offers a vast range of products, including craft beer, wines, spirits, mixers, and more. We also cater to personalization, making them perfect for gifts your special person will adore. We also provide expert advice on food with wine combinations you may try. Be sure to find the perfect beverage for any occasion; talk to our team at Flask. 


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