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Tips and Tricks When Packing Alcohol for Road Trips

April 2, 2023 | Flasked PH

Tips and Tricks When Packing Alcohol for Road Trips

Planning a road trip with your friends soon? Why not add a little spice to your vacay by bringing your favorite drinks with you, including gin in the Philippines? Not only can this help you save money (alcohol usually is more expensive in touristy areas), but you can also make sure that you have your favorite drinks on hand once it's time for you to dial up the fun.

In this article, we will teach you how to properly handle alcohol for road trips and long drives.

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Just a quick reminder though: NEVER drink while driving! Don’t forget to put your safety first and always drink responsibly. Now that’s out of the way, on to the tips!

Never carry an open bottle 

alcohol for road trip

It can be very tempting to bring a bottle that you’ve already opened, but if you want to keep messes at a minimum, it is best not to take the risk and skip doing this. Even if a bottle of liquor has been resealed, there is always the chance that it might spill during the tossing and turning while on the road.

Bubble wrap is your best friend

alcohol for road trip

They are light so they won’t add too much weight to your luggage if ever, but they still offer the best protection for fragile items. When using bubble wrap, make sure that you properly wrap the material tightly around your bottles so they won't slip and bounce. 

Seal bottles properly 

alcohol for road trip

Even if you have bubble wrap, it’s better if you use tape to provide an extra layer of protection for your alcohol for road trips. Painter’s tape is a good suggestion from because it provides a pretty tight seal while still being very easy to take off. To use it, wrap it generously from the top to the bottom of your bottles.

Use clothing 

alcohol for road trip

Another commonly used protection for alcohol for road trips is clothing like socks, sweaters, and pants. After you’ve already wrapped your bottles with bubble wrap, take a piece of your clothing and roll them inside like a tootsie roll. If you will be placing the wrapped bottle in a suitcase or a bag, place it in the middle or in a place where you can place additional clothes around it to protect its sides. Do not put anything heavy on top of your alcohol containers.

Sleeves, pant legs, and socks can be helpful

alcohol for road trip

Don’t have any bubble wrap in hand? Be careful in using your clothing as protection if that is the case. Instead of wrapping the bottle in a tootsie roll style, put them inside the sleeves and holes instead. Swaddling the containers puts them at risk of slipping and bouncing around so a tube-like container can keep them more in place. 

Use an alcohol crate

alcohol for road trip

If you really want to keep your alcohol secure, the safest way of traveling with it is to still have a dedicated crate that you can put in the cargo of your vehicle. 

Take note: mind the temperature that your drinks can take. Some beverages like gin decline in quality and taste if they are subjected to warmer temperatures so be mindful of this if you are going to be putting them at the back of your car.

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alcohol for road trip
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