Emperador Coffee Brandy 500mL


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The first thing that you’ll notice about it is its elegant packaging. It’s emblazoned with the Emperador branding which a lot of Filipinos have known to love. It’s even the same bottle. But what sets it apart is the polish of the label. It’s brown, obviously, as one of its main selling points is its coffee flavor. There are even coffee beans on the background, to drive home the point.

There are two taglines: The first – “Coffee (and friends) make the perfect blend”. The next, “Coffee and Brandy Taste Great Together.” And after a few drinks, we think you’ll get how apt these phrases are.

The color is a rich amber, like most offerings from Emperador. But when you open it and give it a sniff, you’ll definitely know that it’s different. It has a mild coffee note. Nothing too harsh on the nose. It’s actually very reminiscent of coffee candy. Pleasant, but don’t expect it to smell like arabica or robusta. It’s alcohol, after all.


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