Singleton 19 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml Special Release 2021


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Tasting Notes:


Mild in feel, the nose shines with top notes of dried fruits suggesting dried figs and apricots or crystallized angelica and orange peel, while beneath this there is the dry scent of a light fruitcake, iced with spirited notes of vanilla-scented marzipan. More buttery notes emerge with a drop of water, which also brings up the spiciness.


A soft, smooth and mouth-filling texture, oaky-dry at first, brings out layers of richly fruity flavoring which a lusciously sweet taste of ripe green apple is enriched by exotic hints of grape spirit and sweet coconut. A little water enhances the effect.


Lengthy and warming, waxing sweet and faintly savory with a trace of ginger spice and the merest touch of smoke.

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