Suntory -196?C Strong Zero Double Lemon Chuhai 2 Pack Carbonated Alcoholic Drink


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The most popular line-up among the brand, -196˚C Strong Zero delivers the freshness of fruits with zero sugar* and fizzy refreshment. These ready-to-drink, canned chu-hi are available in a variety of flavors, all known for having the punch of fruit flavors packed in every sip.

Our signature "-196˚C Strong Zero method" production process starts by instantaneously freezing fruits in liquid nitrogen at -196˚C Strong Zero, locking in flavor from fruit. After freezing, we pulverize and soak it all in alcohol. This results in a refreshing, carbonated drink that is packed with the fruit flavor.

Flavors Available:

Double Lemon  Grapefruit  Pineapple  Calamansi  Double Orange

Bitter Lemon  Plum  Cider Sour    Grape  Peach 

Apple  Melon  Giga Lemon    White Sour  Cherry

Grapefruit  Kiwi  Red Wine Sour      White Wine Sour  Whole Acerola

Whole Kiwi  Whole Lemon Orange  Whole Mandarin Orange  Whole Pineapple  Dry