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6 Wines and Spirits to Have Over the Holidays

January 7, 2024 | Flasked PH

6 Wines and Spirits to Have Over the Holidays

What are the best wines and spirits to have over the holidays?

  1. White Zinfandel
  2. Sweet Red Blend Red Wine
  3. Pink Moscato Wine
  4. Coffee Brandy
  5. Irish Cream Liquor
  6. Rum Punch Ready-To-Drink Cocktail


  • The holiday season demands the finest wines and spirits to enhance festive celebrations.
  • Delightful options like White Zinfandel, Sweet Red Blend Red Wine, Pink Moscato, Coffee Brandy, Irish Cream, and Rum Punch Ready-To-Drink Cocktail add a festive touch to your holiday gatherings.
  • Each selection, from Gallo Family Vineyards White Zinfandel to Bacardi Rum Punch, is the best choice to complement the cozy ambiance of Christmas and create memorable moments.

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread the festive cheer than by indulging in the finest wines and spirits? Whether hosting a gathering or enjoying a cozy evening by the fireplace, a curated selection can elevate your holiday celebrations.

Let's explore some delightful options of wines and spirits to have over the holidays that are sure to make your festivities merry and bright. You can get all these products at Flasked! You can rely on us to give you the lineup of wine and spirits to make your holiday extra special.

White Zinfandel

The lovely pink color and slightly sweet flavor of this rosé wine are complemented by its subtle notes of red berries, making it a delightful addition to the cozy, festive atmosphere of Christmas.

You can pair this with many savory meals whether you’re having steak or a roasted chicken. Its gentle acidity and touch of sweetness balance many flavors out.

You also don’t need to worry about its taste being too strong. Its approachable profile appeals to a wide range of palates. We recommend the Gallo Family Vineyards White Zinfandel! Its smooth, easy-drinking nature and affordable price make it popular among those seeking a versatile wine that can easily fit into the holiday spirit.

Sweet Red Blend Red Wine

Sweet Red Blend Red Wine

This delightful blend of sweet red grapes offers a comforting and easygoing flavor, perfect for embracing the cozy vibes of Christmas.

Barefoot, known for creating wines that are all about pure enjoyment, has crafted a Sweet Red Blend that captures the festive essence. With its fruity notes and jammy undertones, it's a warm addition to any holiday gathering.

If you're looking for a stress-free and friendly wine to enhance your Christmas festivities, the Barefoot Sweet Red Blend Red Wine is the way to go. It effortlessly fits the joyful ambiance and is sure to please everyone at the party.

Pink Moscato Wine

Pink Moscato Wine has playful flavors and a bit of fizz to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. With its touch of sweetness and pretty pink color, joy is effortlessly spread during the festive season.

If you’re on the hunt for a good pink Moscato, try the Stella Rosa Pink Moscato Wine. Known for their ability to balance elegance and the laid-back joy of the season, Stella Rosa has crafted a wine that is both semi-sweet and bubbly.

The Pink Moscato version turns any holiday gathering into a lively affair, whether you're enjoying a cozy evening by the fire or raising a toast at Noche Buena.

Coffee Brandy

Coffee Brandy

Looking for a cozy and indulgent pick-me-up this holiday season? Check out Coffee Brandy! This delicious drink combines the rich and comforting flavors of brandy with the inviting aroma of coffee.

And if you want to take it up a notch, Emperador Coffee Brandy is just the ticket. Emperador knows how to make brandies that taste amazing, and their Coffee Brandy is no exception. The premium brandy blended with the bold coffee flavor is sure to add some fun to your holiday gatherings.

Irish Cream Liquor

During the holidays, elevate your festivities with a sip of Irish Cream Liquor. Baileys, known for its creamy, smooth taste, adds a touch of luxury to your seasonal gatherings, whether you prefer it chilled over ice or mixed into festive cocktails.

With its delightful mix of Irish whiskey, velvety cream, and subtle notes of cocoa and vanilla, Baileys offers a taste that's both comforting and indulgent. So why not treat yourself and your loved ones to the cozy and delicious flavors of Baileys Irish Cream Liquor this Christmas? It's a delightful way to add extra warmth and joy to your holiday celebrations. Cheers to a festive season!

Rum Punch Ready-To-Drink Cocktail

Rum Punch Ready-To-Drink Cocktail

Why not add a touch of the tropics with the Rum Punch Ready-To-Drink Cocktail? This delightful drink is like a mini-vacation in a bottle, blending rum, fruit juices, and a hint of spice to bring laid-back Caribbean vibes to your Christmas celebrations.

With Bacardi's Superior Rum, tropical fruit notes, and a touch of grenadine, it brings a relaxed and tropical feel to your glass without the need for complicated mixing. Whether you're hosting a festive gathering or simply unwinding after a long day of holiday preparations, this cocktail offers a convenient and delicious option.

Simply pour over ice, add a garnish if desired, and enjoy the exotic flavors without any hassle.

Key Takeaway

In the spirit of the season, explore these carefully selected wines and spirits to have over the holidays. Whichever you choose, these selections are sure to add a delightful twist to your celebrations, making them even more memorable.

Whether planning a cozy family gathering or a virtual toast with friends, Flasked has the perfect libation to make your celebrations extra special. Shop our store today and let Flasked be your go-to partner for creating unforgettable holiday moments.

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