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Perfect Pairings: Planning a Romantic Getaway with Exclusive Liquor Selections

April 21, 2024 | Flasked PH

Perfect Pairings: Planning a Romantic Getaway with Exclusive Liquor Selections

What drinks suit different types of dates?

  1. Sparkling wine for an elegant dinner date
  2. Beer and mini golf
  3. Fun Cocktails for a playful date
  4. Refreshing sangria for a bowling date night
  5. Craft beer for an adventure getaway


  • This article offers a range of romantic date night ideas, perfect for celebrating love year-round.
  • From elegant dinner dates with sparkling wine to quirky mini-golf nights, Flasked provides diverse suggestions to create memorable and unique moments with your special someone.
  • Each section is designed to cater to different preferences, ensuring there's a delightful option for every couple seeking to rekindle the spark.

Romance is a year-round celebration! But amid busy schedules, it's easy to forget to dedicate quality time to your special someone. Don't get overwhelmed by endless date night ideas! Remember the true goal: to show them you care. So, let Flasked help you rekindle the spark with a thoughtful and personalized date night:

We’ve provided some of our best suggestions for a romantic getaway with exclusive liquor selections. Incorporating the right bottle of bubbly might just be the cherry on top of an already perfect night. Keep reading to learn more!

Sparkling Wine for an Elegant Dinner Date

Celebrate the night with bubbles! Sparkling wine can be the ultimate secret weapon to elevate your romantic getaway dinner date. It adds a touch of elegance, romance, and some bubbly fun.

Start your dinner date by setting the mood with candles, soft music, and rose petals scattered around. Also, try ditching your ordinary glasses and investing in elegant champagne flutes for a touch of luxury.

For your meal, start with light bites of salmon, perfectly complemented by a crisp Deutz Brut Rose Champagne. Its fruity notes can highlight the sweetness of the salmon especially when paired with a sweet sauce.

Remember that the key is to have fun. Be creative and enjoy the experience together. Sparkling wine is a versatile and celebratory drink, that you can just easily add to your dinner date.

Beer and Mini Golf

Beer and Mini Golf

Looking for a different twist for your date night? Explore the quirky mini golf spots lighting up Metro Manila. While on the course, the perfect drink to have in hand is a beer of course.

Amidst the whimsical courses, keep it easygoing with a classic choice – beer. Swing those clubs with a refreshing sip in hand. Flasked has your back with a mix of local and international favorites, making your mini golf night a laid-back, laughter-filled affair. Here are some of our recommendations:

  1. Corona Extra
  2. Sapporo Premium Black Japanese Beer
  3. Hoegaarden Rosee Belgian Beer
  4. Hoegaarden White Belgian Beer
  5. Coedo Beniaka Sweet Potato Amber

Fun Cocktails for a Playful Date

Playful dates deserve playful drinks so turn your living room into a minibar. Grab your quirkiest glasses and whip up watermelon margaritas, pineapple mojitos, or berry-infused gin fizz.

Take the fun up a notch by turning cocktail-making into a game. Create a DIY cocktail challenge with hidden clues leading to a cocktail ingredient or recipe step. If you win you can be the first to get the delicious award.

Forget about perfection. Embrace the giggles, spills, and unexpected flavors. After all, that's what makes playful dates memorable.

Refreshing Sangria for a Bowling Date Night

Refreshing Sangria for a Bowling Date Night

Bowling nights are a blast, but let's up the fun with a refreshing drink! Picture the satisfying thwack of pins and the laughter filling the air – now add a sip of classic red sangria. It's a crowd-pleaser with fruity vibes from wine, brandy, and citrus.

If you’re feeling a lighter touch? Go for white wine, toss in grapes or peaches, and let the good times roll with a refreshing twist! Here are some options for you if you’re looking for the perfect wine for Sangria:

  1. Marques de Riscal Proximo Red Wine
  2. Caliterra Merlot
  3. Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Sauvignon Blanc
  4. Yellow Tail Pure Bright Pinot Grigio White Wine

Craft Beer for an Adventure Getaway

Spice up your adventure with some local craft beer magic! Imagine sipping on unique flavors, turning your journey into a tasteful exploration. Picture this: you, a picnic basket, and a grill at a stunning spot, pairing your favorite local brews with some of your favorite snacks.

No need to stress; just order your go-to beers in advance from Flasked PH, the online liquor heroes. We provide a wide range of local favorites and new brands for you to explore. Shop our store today!

Key Takeaway

Ditch the generic flowers and predictable chocolates. Instead, personalize your next special date with your special someone by creating a unique and experiential evening centered around a thoughtfully curated drink selection. Move beyond just a meal and go on a sensory journey together. Explore new flavors and appreciate them as a couple, fostering a deeper connection while having fun and creating lasting memories.

If you still need to decide what kind of drink to partner up with on your planned date, we have an extensive collection for a romantic getaway with exclusive liquor selections. Contact us today for more questions you may have.

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